Infection Control Annual Statement

Date of last review: June 2023
Date of next review: January 2024



This practice is committed to the control of infection within the building and in relation to the clinical procedures carried out within it. This statement has been produced in line with the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and details the practice’s compliance with guidelines on infection control and cleanliness between the dates of January 2022 and May 2023.

The author of this statement is Dorota Tabaczynska and Jane Levien


Infection Control Lead

The practice’s clinical lead for infection control is Dorota Tabaczynska, Lead Nurse, Barbara Bull (GP), and Jane Levien HCA.

The practice’s non-clinical lead for infection control is Beverley Gillson.

The infection control lead has the following duties and responsibilities within the practice:

  • Keep up to date with changes in Infection Control
  • Check PPE
  • Monthly routine checks
  • Checking the Surgery for Cleanliness

Significant Events related to Infection Control

Clay Farm Surgery had a big problem with water coming through the ceiling by the Rooms 2 and dirty utility.   The ceiling has to be repaired.

In the last year we have got a new telephone system.

We also started up a new appointment system where all appointments need to go through a triage doctor.  This results in the patients being sooner if it is an emergency and will be seen as appointments come up.

This has been very beneficial because if someone is really unwell or has a rash this will be picked up and the patient will arrive and go straight into isolation and therefore less of a risk to other patients.


Audits relating to Infection Control

The following audits relating to Infection Control have been undertaken at the practice between the dates of November 20 and January 24 and the following recommendations and/or actions plans were produced in response to the findings:

Audits have been done every months.  Any problems have been discussed with Paul Towey, Practice Manager. 


Risk Assessments relating to Infection Control

Significant events (which may involve examples of good practice as well as challenging events) are investigated in detail to see what we can be learnt and to indicate changes that might lead to future improvements.  All significant events are reviewed in the monthly staff meetings and learning is cascaded to relevant staff.  The following assessments relating to Infection Control have been undertaken and the following recommendations and/or action plans were produced in response to the findings.

An audit on hand washing was last done.

Annual Infection and Control audit

  • Cleaning audit
  • Hand hygiene audit

Monthly waste audit

  • New dressing trolleys have been purchased for Trumpington Street
  • Monthly cleaning spot checks 

At Trumpington Street: Room 5 had a leaking tap which has now been repaired

More Clinical Bins have been replaced
Taps without elbow touch at Trumpington Street – have been replaced
Keeping up with Guidance for COVID and PPE.  
Monitoring Cleaning rotas for clinical rooms
Curtains: The NHS Cleaning Specifications state curtains should be cleaned annually.
The disposable curtains are changed each year and dated for when they need to be changed.
The modesty curtains although only handled by clinicians have been reminded to always remove gloves and clean hands after examination and before touching the curtains.  

All curtains are regularly reviewed and changed if visibly soiled.
Cleaning specifications, frequency policy which our cleaners and staff work too.  An assessment of cleanliness is conducted by the cleaning team and logged.  This includes all aspects in the surgery including cleaning of equipment.

Handwashing sinks: The practice has clinical hand washing sinks in every room for staff to use.


All our staff receive annual training in infection and control


Practice Policies, Procedures and Guidance relating to Infection Control

The practice maintains the upkeep of the following policies, procedures and guidance related to infection control. These policies, procedures and guidance are reviewed and updated every [May], as well as being amended on an ongoing basis to keep up with changes in regulation etc.

COVID – (March 20) regulations were changing almost daily and changed as required.


Training relating to Infection Control

The following staff members have received instruction, information or training relating to Infection Prevention and Control

Dorota  Tabaczynska undertook the Infection Control course LFH hub

Jane Levien undertook an infection Control courses and (Online course- LFH hub 7/07/22 and M&K update, London October 20)

Infection Control updates are added to staff meetings.



It is the responsibility of everyone to be familiar with this Statement and their roles and responsibilities under this.


Responsibility for review

The Infection Prevention and Control lead is Dorota Tabaczynska and Jane Levien for reviewing and producing the annual Statement for and on behalf of Trumpington Street and Clay Farm Medical Practice.