Changes to our Service from 30th May

Changes to Request for Urgent Medical Help from Tues 30th May

From Tues 30th May 2023, if you need urgent medical help in the morning please fill in an online form

As part of our morning triage service a GP will review your request and advise the most appropriate form of action which can be a same day appointment.

This online form will be changing to being accessible from 8am to 11 am instead of 8 am to 12 pm midday from 30th May.

If you do not have access to the internet or you have any other challenges filling in the online form please phone the surgery and our reception team will fill it in for you. They will need to ask you the questions listed (there are only 5) and will need to take your details but as the phone lines can be busy in the morning you may need to wait. 

If you need urgent medical in the afternoon you will need to phone the surgery after 1pm and before 5pm. Please do not contact us from 11am to 1pm as we will advise that you phone back at 1pm. Our reception team will pass details of your medical complaint onto our duty doctor who will decide if a same day appointment is appropriate. If so the reception team will contact you and agree a time that day for the appointment. In theafternoon we have very limited afternoon appointment slots available and need to reserve them for the most appropriate cases. Once these are filled we may need to refer you to 111 or to the Accident and Emergency department of the hospital. 

If you have an urgent medical need in the afternoon – please do not fill in an online form - you must phone. Online forms in the afternoon can be reviewed up to 2 working days after you have input information so using this may mean you may miss out on urgent help that  you need.


Changes to Request for Non Urgent Help from Tues 30th May

If you need non urgent medical help please use the online form and choose “I want help for a medical issue” option in the afternoon from 2pm to 5pm. If you have problems filling in the online phone then please ring the surgery and our reception team will ask you the medical questions involved and fill this in for you.

For repeat prescriptions you can use the online form but need to select “I have an admin query” option from 8am to 11am or 2pm to 5pm rather than “I have a medical issue” option. 

Better and quicker to use than the online form for repeat prescriptions is the NHS App. Using the NHS app means you can request repeat prescriptions at any time. You can either access this app through your phone (will need to download the app) or through your computer


Ways you can Help us to Help You

  • Only fill in one online form – multiple forms may mean you are booked in for more than one appointment, meaning there are less appointments for other patients.
  • Do not use the practice email or the “contact us” option on the website to log any urgent medical issue. Both forms of communication are not reviewed urgently the same day and you will not receive urgent medical attention if you contact the practice using these forms of communication 
  • If the urgent medical complaint you have is one you would normally need a GP to look at please take a picture (eg for a sore throat take a photo of your throat) and attach it when you submit your online form. It will save time. EXCEPTION: If your medical complaint, however, involves an intimate area of your body DO NOT SEND a picture of that area unless the doctor explicitly asks you to do so. 
  • Whenever you fill in an online form for a medical issue in the section “How would you ike us to help?” please state if you want a face to face or telephone appointment, if you have specific times when you will not be around and if you have a preference for a specific doctor and we will try to accommodate your request as best as we can. 
  • Remember that you don’t have to be the patient to fill in the online form. As long as you have consent to do so you can fill in a form for your relative or friend





Urgent Need

Online form – “I want help for a medical issue” option 
8am - 11am
Phone Surgery from 1pm – 5pm

Non Urgent Need

Please wait until the afternoon Online form – “I want help for a  medical issue” option
2pm - 5pm

Repeat Prescription

  • NHS App anytime
  • Online form – “I have an admin  query” option. 8am - 11am, 2pm - 5pm
  • NHS App anytime
  • Online form – “I have an admin query” option. 8am - 11am, 2pm - 5pm

Published: May 18, 2023