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cervical smears

Cervical smears

For women a smear test for detecting pre-cancer should be taken every three years from 25 to 49 years, then 5 yearly to age 65. When you register with us, we will enquire about previous smear results so you can have the next at the appropriate time.

When booking your appointment please tell the receptionist that the appointment is for a smear test so the appropriate nurse appointment is made.




The nurses are fully trained to advise you over the full range of family planning methods. They will perform the necessary checks on your well being, provide counselling and prescriptions, which are free of charge.

You will receive a prescription for six months supply and will need to attend for review every six months. The duty nurse can see you for advice on emergency contraception each day.

We now also offer Long-acting Reversible Contraception services please ask reception for more information.


antenatal care

Antenatal Care

Your care during pregnancy will be provided by the Rosie Maternity Hospital, the Community Midwife and the surgery staff together. To book your ante-natal care telephone the Midwife Team on 01223 348981. The Community Midwife holds antenatal clinics at the surgery.



Travel Clinic

The nurse will advise you on a wide range of health issues connected with travel for vacation, business or expeditions for example disease prevention, acclimatisation to heat or altitude, medical supplies, malaria prevention.

Please book a 30 minute appointment with the nurse to discuss your travel arrangements.

A full range of immunisations for travel are available. It is advisable to book an appointment to discuss your needs with the nurse several weeks before travelling as sometimes a course of injections may be necessary before travelling. There are charges for some immunisations and certificates for travel abroad.


well person

Well Person Clinic

This health promotion clinic is designed to give information and advice over healthier lifestyles.  In addition, screening is performed to deal with the four main risk factors for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking and high cholesterol level.


Asthma Clinic

Patients with asthma are regularly invited for a review.  Asthma nurses assess any symptoms and advise treatment according to current respiratory guidelines. 

The patient and nurse work together to produce action plans designed to maintain good control and reduction of asthma symptoms.

asthma clinic


diabetes clinic

Diabetic Clinic

Patients with diabetes are regularly invited for a review.  Care is either provided fully by the practice or is shared with the hospital. 

In line with the diabetic National Service Framework treatment and support are provided to enable patients to achieve best diabetes control possible.


Hypertension Clinic

Advice is given to people known to have high blood pressure, so that their treatment can be managed to the best advantage.



Smoking and alcohol related problems

If you feel the need for help with an alcohol related problem, then the doctors would be pleased to help. A number of the Practice Nurses are trained to help with smoking cessation if you wish to make an appointment with a nurse to discuss this please mention this to the receptionist when booking your appointment.

stop smoking


minor surgery

Minor surgery

The doctors perform minor surgery procedures within our minor surgery suite at the main surgery and this service takes the pressure off the hospitals so they are free to perform operations requiring extra facilities.


blood tests


(Blood taking) the Phlebotomy Team hold clinics each day morning and afternoon.



Sexual Health

The doctors and nurses are available to discuss sexual health promotion and any sexual health concerns. 

The practice is able to offer Chlamydia screening as part of the National Chlamydia screening programme.

sexual health